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Card Stacking Explained

By Aryan Pour - Feb. 03, 2023

By Aryan Pour

Feb. 03, 2023

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This weeks magazine will talk about virtual credit cards (VCCs), card stacking and how these two features separate Slash from its competition. Enjoy the read!

Card Stacking 💳

Let's discuss the benefits of using our new "Card Stacking" feature, which is designed to maximize the value of your Slash membership. With each renewal of your subscription, you'll receive additional virtual credit cards (VCCs) to continue elevating your business.

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🗣️ "How do VCCs help my business?"

Virtual credit cards (VCCs) provide a range of benefits for businesses looking to control where their money is spent. One such benefit is the ability to implement merchant-specific spending limits on VCCs. Which allows you to limit card usage within a specific group of merchants.

Another benefit of VCCs is the ability to monitor card-specific transactions. With the ability to generate a batch of VCCs and categorize them, tracking expenses becomes a seamless process. This also allows you to track down unauthorized charges a lot more easily.

In addition to security and convenience, VCCs offer versatility. They can be used for a wide range of business expenses, such as merchandise and goods, operating costs, software and more. All these features combined make VCCs a no-brainer for your business!

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