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Spend Competition

By Victor Cardenas - Jun. 22, 2022

By Victor Cardenas

Jun. 22, 2022

Today, we’re announcing the Slash Spend Competition, a feature we’ve been wanting to launch for over a year.

On July 1, 15 of the top groups on sneaker twitter will start a 6 week-long battle to see who can spend the most using Slash.

The prize? $50,000 in liquid cash and a free month of Slash for the winning team, a free month of Slash for second place, and a month of Slash for 50% off for third. Every member in one of the participating groups will receive a Slash invite.

There are 11 groups currently enrolled in the competition, if you would like your group to form a part of it, let us know via this form before Monday July 27, 2022 at 6pm ET.

Groups Picture

How to enroll:

In order to officially form a part of the competition and start contributing points to your team, you must opt in via the Slash dashboard.

Simply click “Get Started” under the “Competition” section of the Home page, and follow the instructions. Note that you’ll only be able to see this if both the following are true 1) you are a part of one of the participating groups and 2) you’ve linked the Discord account associated with your group to your Slash account.

Here’s a short tutorial explaining how to do that. THE DEADLINE TO OPT IN IS JULY 1, 2022 AT 11:59pm PT.

Other rules:

Rule #1: The bottom 5 groups will be relegated at the end of the season. We plan to run this competition every 6 weeks, and to stay on for next season, a group must be among the top 10.

Rule #2: No switching groups, and no adding members mid-way through the competition. Once the competition has started, no additional members may join a particular team, and no one is allowed to switch groups.

Rule #3: Points will be counted only when authorizations settle.

Rule #4: Not all spend is created equal. You’ll earn a different number of points for acquiring inventory on different sites. Here’s the scheme described in detail:

Points Scheme

If you think there are merchants we missed that should be added to certain categories, please let us know via Discord.(1)

The entire team at Slash couldn’t be more excited for this. We think this initiative will promote healthy competition between groups, and bring back a much needed sense of community to Sneaker Twitter. Good luck!

(1) We reserve the right to modify the list at any time and in any way – we may add or remove merchants to and from any category. Modifications to the list will retroactively impact the points you’ve generated for your group before such change (e.g: if we add a merchant to the 0x category mid-way through the competition, all of the points you generated for your group from spend from that particular merchant will be worth 0).